How to calculate the ROI of an IoT project

- February 16, 2023

- ONDEMAND Webinar

The different business areas in which an IoT project can provide a significant return on investment

Whether it is worth investing in an IoT project or when is the best time to do so are common questions for many technology and telecommunications professionals.

In this webinar, we want to share some feedback and value propositions that we have identified at SEIDOR involving four categories: Operational efficiency (OE), strategic differentiation (SD), new business/revenue models (NBM) and regulatory compliance (RC).


  • Strategic overview of an IoT project: Why is the time right to undertake an IoT project?
  • General areas of return on investment for an IoT project
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Strategic differentiation
  • IoT and the generation of new business models
  • IoT as a guarantee of regulatory compliance

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Carlos Polo

Carlos Polo

Desarrollo de negocio Innovation & Ventures en SEIDOR