How to deal with an IoT project

- November 07, 2022

- November 2022 -16:00h - 17:00h

Find out the latest trends and the benefits of connecting your products

IoT is one of the most important technological advances of the 21st century, and as a result, more and more companies are seeking the benefits of providing connectivity to their products and turning them into an IoT device that can be managed remotely, with the savings in maintenance and management costs that this entails.

In this webinar, we explain what an IoT project is about, why it is a competitive advantage and how to successfully face it. We can also see some of the IoT projects that have been carried out with major brands such as Teka or Securitas Direct.


  • Why can IoT technology give your business a competitive edge?
  • How to deal with an IoT project?
  • Processes affected by an IoT project and its ROI.
  • Some examples: Securitas Direct, Teka, Fagor, Erreka.

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Haritz Urrutikoetxea

Director proyectos IoT Innovation & Ventures en SEIDOR

Jordi Rifà

Jordi Rifà

Director delivery y preventa Innovation & Ventures en SEIDOR

Carlos Polo

Carlos Polo

Desarrollo de negocio Innovation & Ventures en SEIDOR