Increase in your production costs? Discover SAC Planning

Online event

- October 20, 2022

- 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Faster decision-making; better results.

The current economic situation is currently suffering from a general rise in prices and, as a result, an increase in raw material costs. This affects all companies, one way or another, drastically reducing their profit margins. Companies need to be proactive and look for flexible and agile tools to adapt to this changing environment.

In this webinar we will see how, through a budgeting flow with SAP Analytics Cloud we can adapt to this changing environment by means of tools that give us agility when it comes to simulating price rise scenarios and thus impacting the improvement of margins. This tool also allows us to:

  • Integration with the SAP transactional system.
  • Agility to act on continuous price changes.
  • Time optimisation.
  • Reduction of manual tasks.
  • Improved margins.

Register for this webinar and start budgeting and forecasting in an agile and orderly way.