Qlik Gold Client

- November 25, 2022

- 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

How often do you feed non-productive environments with production data? Are you managing access to your sensitive data correctly?

Improve efficiency, cost and security in the management of non-productive data in SAP environments

In this online session aimed at tech professionals who manage non-productive data, we will show you in a practical way how the SAP-certified data integration tool, Qlik Gold Client, empowers your company to achieve the following benefits:

  • Agility in analysing production problems in Development | Test | Quality
  • Reducing the size and cost of environments in Development | Test | Quality
  • Ease of relevant test data uploads prior to production uploads
  • Simplify the creation of new customers for training
  • Facilitate concept tests in SAP HANA or SAP S4/HANA
  • Data transfer in divisions and acquisitions of other companies
  • GDPR - Protection of sensitive data

Register now and discover how to instantly streamline the management of your business by learning something different, original and unique with the latest advances in Qlik (special partner of AUSAPE).


cara felipe asensio

Iván Felipe Asensio

Team Lead Pre-Sales Iberia en QLIK

cara tomas en blanco

Tomas Blanco

Responsable Operacionws Analytics en SEIDOR

Cara Sergi Pallarés

Sergi Pallarés

BI Project Manager en SEIDOR