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Securing your environment with multi-cloud identity and access management

Online event

- November 15, 2022

Guarantee the security of your company's information with authentication mechanisms

We live in the age of connectivity in which, because of teleworking, the cloud or mobile phones, employees can access internal corporate networks from any device. For this reason, the security model that defined the perimeter of corporate networks has become obsolete.

The perimeter as the main barrier is now more diffuse, as it flows and expands, so identity management, authentication and access authorisation are essential.

In this webinar, we will explain how to face the disappearance of the perimeter so as not to compromise the security of your company.


  1. The problem of the disappearing corporate perimeter.
  2. The solution to the disappearance of the perimeter: Identity management.
  3. Identity management for internal (IAM) and external users, such as customers or partners (CIAM).
  4. Technology solutions and trends.

Join this webinar and you will be able to create a clear roadmap to manage identities within your company.


Carlos Polo

Carlos Polo

Desarrollo de negocio Innovation & Ventures en SEIDOR