SEIDOR partner de referencia microsoft IA

February 20, 2024

SEIDOR chosen as Microsoft's reference partner in AI

  • The technology consulting firm SEIDOR becomes part of a minority of strategic partners of Microsoft focused on deploying AI and generative AI projects in companies and public administrations in Spain.
  • SEIDOR will collaborate with the Center for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and responsible and secure generative AI that Microsoft has launched in Spain.
  • It coincides with Microsoft's historic investment in AI and Cloud infrastructure in Spain for the deployment of these technologies in our country.

SEIDOR chosen as a reference partner by Microsoft to drive Artificial Intelligence in Spain

Madrid, February 20, 2024 - SEIDOR, a consulting firm specializing in technology services and solutions, has become one of the reference partners of Microsoft's new Responsible AI Innovation Center (RAIIC). The center aims to digitally transform businesses and public administrations in Spain through artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI.

As a reference partner of Microsoft's new responsible AI center in Spain, SEIDOR will identify innovation opportunities in AI on a large scale and promote use cases in key sectors across all market segments. This will facilitate the digital transformation of Spanish organizations, improve efficiency, and help them achieve the maximum return on their investments in Responsible Artificial Intelligence projects.

The initiative was presented during the Microsoft AI & Innovation Summit, an event focused on the commitment to the development of responsible and secure AI. The summit had more than 3,000 Microsoft customers and partners in Spain, aiming to deepen and share real experiences about the opportunities brought by this disruptive technology.

Mariel Domínguez, director of the Microsoft unit at SEIDOR, stated, "Being chosen as one of the reference partners in this initiative confirms Microsoft's confidence in SEIDOR's capabilities to boost the competitiveness of organizations through its AI solutions."

Additionally, SEIDOR's selection as one of the partners to accompany Microsoft's new push for AI in Spain is particularly relevant. This comes in the context of Microsoft's recent announcement that it will quadruple its investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud infrastructure in Spain during 2024 and 2025. This represents Microsoft's largest investment in Spain in its 37 years of presence in the country.