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April 09, 2024

SEIDOR obtains triple seal for its commitment to the environment

  • The technology consulting firm SEIDOR achieves certification for reducing CO2 emissions by 77% during the triennium 2020-2022.
  • The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) highlights SEIDOR's efforts in its fight against climate change.
  • Among the measures adopted are the acquisition of electricity from renewable sources, low-consumption lighting, and natural light sensors.

SEIDOR obtains the triple seal "Calculate, Reduce, Compensate" from MITECO for its commitment to environmental protection.

SEIDOR has obtained the triple seal "Calculate, Reduce, Compensate" from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) of Spain for its commitment to environmental protection. This recognition acknowledges the efforts of organizations like SEIDOR, which measure, reduce, and offset their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), contributing to environmental sustainability.

Specifically, during the triennium 2020-2022, SEIDOR has reduced CO2 emissions by 77% through the implementation of various measures to promote efficiency and lower energy consumption. These measures include acquiring electricity from renewable sources, widespread use of low-consumption lighting, implementation of an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001, and conducting periodic energy efficiency audits, among others.

Renewal of the 'Compensate' seal

Additionally, as part of obtaining the triple certification, SEIDOR has renewed the 'Compensate' seal, which certifies the implementation of CO2 absorption projects through reforestation initiatives and the implementation of renewable energies.

It is worth noting that SEIDOR has committed to planting one tree for every new contract signed with clients in an area affected by a forest fire in Cebreros and Hoyo de Pinares (Ávila). Through this reforestation effort, the company is contributing to offsetting its carbon footprint and raising awareness among clients about the importance of such initiatives.

SEIDOR is committed to embedding environmental protection throughout the organization. To this end, all 9,000 employees are involved in sustainability efforts, promoting internal preventive measures.

Humanizing technology

According to Iván González, Director of Marketing, Communication, and Sustainability at SEIDOR, "obtaining the triple seal highlights SEIDOR's progress in environmental sustainability." He added that "in our sector, in a world where technology is present in all areas, our contribution is essential."

González emphasized that "obtaining the triple seal aligns with SEIDOR's purpose of 'humanizing technology,' which puts people at the center of its actions and seeks to have a positive impact on the environment."

In this sense, SEIDOR's purpose encompasses various essential aspects of society and the environment. Alongside environmental considerations, the company values factors such as human rights, the well-being of individuals, equal opportunities, and strict compliance with transparency measures and good business practices.

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