February 21, 2022

SEIDOR obtains the National Security Scheme (ENS) Certificate, category HIGH.

The digital transformation of the public sector must be accompanied by organisational and technical security measures to protect the information handled and the services provided from risks caused by malicious or illicit actions, particularly cyber threats, errors or failures and accidents or disasters.

In its daily commitment to the security of the services it offers its customers, SEIDOR has obtained the National Security Scheme (ENS) Certificate, category HIGH. This is the highest recognition available in Spain for SEIDOR's Monitoring Centre services, Cybersecurity Operations, Security Incident Response and Analysis services (SEIDOR CSIRT) and professional IT Assistance, Support and Consultancy services.

This new success is the result of the organisation's effort and commitment through its Corporate Cybersecurity Office, directed by Rubén Mora, CSO/CISO of SEIDOR, and the Quality and Data Protection department, led by Francisco Naranjo.

What is the scope of the ENS?

The scope of application of the ENS extends to all those activities that public sector entities may carry out under public law.

What is the purpose of the National Security Scheme?

The ENS allows public entities acting within its scope of application to achieve their objectives in terms of principles of action and security requirements. Meanwhile, for citizens, who are the ultimate recipients of the public service, it is a guarantee that the public bodies with which they interact have the necessary security conditions to protect their information and rights. The National Security Scheme (ENS) provides the Public Sector in Spain with a common security approach for the protection of the information it handles and the services it provides, promoting the continuous security management essential for digital transformation in a context of cyber threats.

From now on, the SEIDOR Cybersecurity Operations, Services and Incident Response Centre (SEIDOR CSIRT), an accredited member of, an IT-CSIRT Trusted Introducer and member of CSIRT.ES, has attained the highest category of ENS classification. This guarantees the security of its systems, information and the personal data it holds and processes when offering its services to entities and organisations belonging to the public administration and to all its customers.

With this dual accreditation, the CSIRT and the ENS high category, SEIDOR offers its clients the most powerful, secure and specialised cybersecurity management services available on the market, thus offering greater specialisation and developing solutions that guarantee the management of risk and cyber-incidents in multiple environments, especially in those as critical as the SAP environment.

In this way, SEIDOR, through its public sector division, is now able to participate in tenders for services with Public Administrations in which compliance with the ENS and evidence of such compliance is required.

This milestone is the result of many years of work accrediting the highest standards of quality and cybersecurity, guaranteeing the quality of the services SEIDOR provides to its customers. This is further demonstrated by the various accreditations the company holds: for its integrated management system (IMS) for quality (ISO 9001 certificate); for its software lifecycle maturity (ISO 15504 and ISO 33001 certificates, reaching level 3); for its quality of services (ISO 20000-1 certificate); for its information security (ISO 27001 certificate); and for the recently obtained National Security Scheme (ENS) category HIGH. SEIDOR further reinforces its commitment to sustainability through its ISO 14001 and ISO 14064 certified environmental management system for calculating its carbon footprint.

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