September 19, 2023

Learn about the essential components of the SAP Business One master's degree and certification

Listen to the audiopost and learn about the essential components of the SAP Business One master's degree and certification

Learn about the essential components of the SAP Business One master's degree and certification


It's never too late to learn something new. If you're thinking about starting a new stage in your career, you have come to the right place. We discuss SAP consultancy below. We analyse the most important aspects of this profession and why you should consider accessing a training course.

In this article, you will find out about the main characteristics of one of SAP's star products, SAP Business One, which is the leading ERP for SMEs. We will also talk about the importance of having high-quality training and why we are convinced that SAP consultancy will provide you with new opportunities. Don't miss it!

SAP Consultancy, a profession full of possibilities

SAP consultancy is a profession that opens many doors for you. The SAP solutions ecosystem company was founded in 1972. It specialises in business management software and offers an increasingly extensive range of services.

In fact, its catalogue of digital solutions is so broad that it has generated specific professions, such as the SAP consultant. There are three reasons why this is a profession with a great future:

  • Digital transformation. The implementation of digital solutions within the corporate environment is undoubtedly a subject of great interest. All types of businesses have embarked on the route towards digitalisation. Therefore, more professionals are needed to correctly advise on and implement these solutions.
  • SAP solutions are universal. Some years ago, business management platforms had a very specific market: large corporations. Currently, thanks to solutions such as SAP Business One, SMEs, which comprise a large part of the business community, also need consultants to squeeze the potential out of this software.
  • Constantly evolving digital solutions. SAP is always innovating and launching solutions to the market. Specialising as a consultant for this powerful ecosystem means periodically acquiring new knowledge and not stagnating.

However, you may ask what exactly is SAP consultancy? Obviously, this profession does not simply consist of familiarising yourself with a range of products from a specific company. In fact, it includes all the following aspects:

  • Previous study. Identify a company's problems or needs and apply solutions based on the company's software.
  • Implementation. Integrate each SAP system into the company, according to its own characteristics.
  • Training and support. Provide support to businesses that have already implemented some of the solutions, such as ERP. This also means training company employees so they know how to make the most of the tools.
  • Incident resolution. Identify and resolve any technical problems that may arise.
  • Data analysis. Draw conclusions from the data provided by a SAP platform and help organisations make appropriate decisions.

SAP Consultancy is a profession full of possibilities. Individuals who want to perform the roles mentioned above must have certification proving their knowledge. This can only be obtained through regulated training, such as the training offered by SEIDOR.

SAP Business One is the leading ERP for SMEs on the market

SAP Business One is an ERP designed for SMEs. It is currently the leading solution, with a market share that is far higher than that of its competitors. Obtaining certified training and qualifications for this software is an investment in your future.

Remember that in Spain, most businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, SAP Business One software can be used by most organisations, which means it has a huge potential audience.


It can also be adapted to all types of businesses, as it has a wide range of modules:

  • Finance. Management of accounts, cash flow, general accounting and analytics.
  • Sales and customers. Management of sales, quotes, orders, invoicing and customer relations.
  • Purchasing and suppliers. Management of procurement, purchase orders, supplier invoicing and inventory monitoring.
  • Inventory. Stock control, warehouse management, transaction monitoring and inventory valuation.
  • Production. Production planning, manufacturing orders, quality control and production cost monitoring.
  • Projects. Project monitoring, resource allocation, and monitoring of timings and associated costs.
  • Supplier relationships. Registration and management of suppliers, performance assessment and payment monitoring.
  • Business intelligence. Generation of reports, data analysis, control panels and visualisation of key information.
  • Human resources. Employee administration, payroll, time monitoring and attendance.

The benefits of the SAP Business One certification and master's degree with SEIDOR

The certified SAP Business One master's degree offers numerous benefits for those who want to carve out a career as a SAP consultant. As we have already seen, there is growing demand amongst companies for this solution, which is why being a SAP consultant has become a highly attractive career prospect.

Obtaining SAP Business One certification provides a significant competitive advantage and a higher level of employability, with rates of up to 90%. This specialised training provides in-depth knowledge of the platform, which enables professionals to efficiently implement and optimise this solution in companies from different sectors. Choosing this master's degree offers a unique opportunity to access an area of employment that is full of opportunities and professional growth.

Get going with the SEIDOR SAP Business One master's degree

At SEIDOR we offer the only SAP-certified training courses for SAP Business One in the world. With our master's degree, you get the knowledge you need to become a SAP consultant specialising in the leading ERP for SMEs.

What do you get from our training course? These are the advantages you will enjoy:

  • Online training platform and live classes.
  • More than 300 hours of teaching.
  • 20 Modules.
  • Official syllabus provided by SAP.
  • SAP certification examination included.
  • All teachers currently implement SAP solutions professionally.
  • Adapted to the student's needs.

Contact us now! Start your career as a SAP consultant with SEIDOR as soon as possible.


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Find out about all the advantages of having SAP Business One in your business

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