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November 07, 2022

DocuWare | An essential digital solution for companies to increase productivity

Once a company finds its work flow and its digital tools are adapted to its way of working, it always seeks to go further in order to be more driven, efficient and competitive.

If we look at official IDC data, we see how corporate investment in technological solutions is expected to increase by 3.5% in 2022. This is a key indicator that once again shows the desire of organisations to improve and have a vision of the future.

One of the most requested digital tools that is helping to achieve the goals of increasing productivity and automating multiple tasks is DocuWare software.

What's so special about DocuWare?

This is one of the most versatile and thorough tools on the market, allowing clients to store all their company's documentation.

But what DocuWare offers goes beyond just document storage; what makes it special is that it is able to extract all the metadata from any document so that employees can quickly and securely interact with information while ensuring its traceability.

¿Qué tiene de especial DocuWare

Short-term benefits and results

If we consider its benefits, we could list more than 50 reasons why DocuWare has become a great ally for companies, but if we want to highlight the most relevant, they are:

- Process automation: By having the information in digital format, users can create an endless number of customised processes that can help them spend less time on repetitive, manual tasks, or even automate tasks to promote the use of tools like ERP.

- Less paper, more sustainable environment: If you want to reduce how much paper you use, DocuWare is a tool that makes this possible, and it not only reduces the storage space of documentation, but also CO2 emissions from printers.

- Productivity: If a company does away with the repetitive, slow and manual tasks of its employees, it ends up giving them quality time to focus on valuable tasks.

- Cost saving: By having it all in digital format, the savings from not having to print the documents will be reflected at the end of the month.

- Communication: Creating approval flows to keep departments connected is the ideal solution to achieve results.

- Convenient task assignment

- Smart indexing: To avoid errors and lengthy processes when entering manual data.

Ventajas y resultados a corto plazo

Did you know that we usually invest an average of 3.5 h searching for documents?

As you can see, not only is DocuWare a great ally and a good complement to your current tools, it can adapt to any type of sector, company or work methodology.

DocuWare can be implemented in the cloud, on the company's servers, or in a hybrid system, yielding a solution that is practically tailor-made and adapted to the company's real needs.

This is a scalable solution that will grow with your company.

Why not give the paper-free office concept a try?

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