Implementación de SAP Business One para PYMES: Mitos y realidades

October 11, 2022

SAP Business One implementation for SMEs: Myths and realities

Implementing SAP Business One in all types of SMEs has several myths that need to be debunked. Read this article to find out why you should select carefully.

Myth no. 1: this software requires a long implementation time

It is not true that it will invariably take a long time to implement your ERP system. Firstly, it depends on which of the existing solutions you choose; meanwhile, working with a specialised supplier provides reliable support to resolve any doubts that arise.

The fact that SEIDOR One has infrastructure worldwide is especially useful for SMEs. It's important to remember that, in many cases, a lack of specialisation often makes external assistance necessary. You will also have the service of a leading company in the market: the 440,000 SAP Business One customers in 180 countries are proof of this. Our experience alone generates confidence.

In any case, to cast aside the myth, we can attest that the average time of implementation is between 4 and 12 weeks. It can depend on the type of company we work with. If you take into account all the benefits that implementation entails, this timeframe is more than acceptable.

Without a doubt, implementing SAP Business One is straightforward when compared to other market leaders. Moreover, it has the advantage that it can be applied in several sectors of activity.

Myth no. 2: it is very expensive software

Another of the recurring myths of most ERP customers is its alleged high cost. Nothing could be further from reality, when you consider the benefits you stand to achieve. If you take into account that it will allow you to improve efficiency, do more in less time, control areas such as the commercial area and find new market avenues, it is clearly a very competitive option.

With a professional licence, you will be able to access all the services offered by SAP: administration, finance, CRM, purchases, inventory, production, MRP, Human Resources and reports. In other words, it is possible to execute all actions in the same ERP system. If you have a company of a certain size or if you handle the different departments separately, this is a route that will allow you to get the most out of it.

The basic versions of CRM (commercial), logistics or financial have more limited functions and, generally, are limited to these types of modules. However, it is important to remember that you can purchase more modules according to the need. This assumption is advisable if you want to save money and focus on those functions that you are actually going to carry out.

Mito 2: es un software muy costoso

Myth no. 3: implementation requires additional staff

The third myth is that the implementation of an ERP solution needs several people. This simply isn't true; it will depend, fundamentally, on each type of company and software.

SAP Business One implementation is accessible to all, and training staff to use it is fast. Therefore, you should not need additional staff to set up the ERP system beyond the necessary training of your team, which you can complete in a short time. In just a few weeks you can make the complete transition. Not only is it easy to implement, this tool is also easy to work with.

There is another aspect that simplifies the work: you will not only have access to the SAP Business One software, we also partner with Microsoft, IBM and Adobe. This makes integrations much easier, which is always welcome. In the end, the aim is to exploit synergies to make the most of integration.

It is not necessary to involve many people in the implementation of SAP Business One. In reality, it is necessary to work with the right company, and this will make it easier to achieve your objectives.

Myth no. 4: this software is very complex

SMEs tend to be reluctant to use a SAP ERP system because they believe it is highly complex. Its multifunctionality is often confused with difficulties in using it.

It is worth noting that its interface is friendly, which makes it easy to learn and use. The different modules, as well as the information they contain, are easily accessible. And that, undoubtedly, makes it easier to use. Therefore, it would simply not be right to say it is difficult to use this software.

Remember that SAP has already considered the need to open up to a diverse audience. This means that we need to work with several codes and, in addition, have an easily recognisable structure. It is not for nothing that many companies, even SMEs, already operate in several countries.

The training given to use this software is also simple. It won't be very difficult for you or your employees to work with SAP Business One. In the long run, this will have a positive impact on your company. It is definitely not difficult to learn, much less to use.

As a result, an SME with an average computer knowledge will be able to use SAP without any problems. Now, that's convenient.

Myth no. 5: this solution is only for large companies

SAP Business One ERP software is designed for all types of companies. And not only for companies in different sectors, but also for companies of different sizes.

An ERP system can be used in companies dedicated to agriculture, all types of industries, logistics, retail, pharmacy or construction, among others. Therefore, there are no limitations in this regard, not even in the public sector. You can also obtain specific software for each type of company.

The second equally important aspect is that it is ideal for SMEs. The software reduces costs, and since the solutions are modular, you can open whichever ones you consider appropriate for you. We recommended it especially for companies that are in a time of growth.

As a result, if you want to work better with a small company and are looking for a versatile ERP system, this is the solution for you. In fact, SAP Business One is especially recommended for SMEs.

Mito nº 5: es una solución solo para grandes compañías

Myth no. 6: there is only one SAP Business One supplier

Another common myth is that there is only one SAP Business One supplier. This is not true; there are a multitude of partners that can offer the service and logistical support.

In fact, one of the services we provide at SEIDOR One is licencing and implementing the software. We do this by monitoring the whole process from start to finish. Our consulting work is focused on offering the customer the product they need at all times. What we want, in short, is to improve your experience so that, in fact, you get the most out of your purchase.

It is extremely important that you choose the right supplier. Not surprisingly, if you do it this way, SAP Business One implementation will be much easier, faster and focused on what you need. It is good to keep this in mind because a successful implementation often depends on whom the supplier is, their advice and expertise. Most SMEs need this advice to get the most out of their solution.

With all this in mind, it's our duty to tell you not to worry. If you are looking for a reliable SAP Business One supplier, look no further than SEIDOR's experience in the market.

Myth no. 7: the software that cannot be customised

This myth is false. Something that differentiates SAP Business One from other ERP systems is precisely its ability to personalise. There are several versions and solutions specific to a multitude of companies, depending on the needs in each case.

Firstly, there is specific ERP software for the distribution sector. And in this case, you will find niche solutions for businesses such as fashion and accessories, food and drink and retail. It should also be noted that there are other options for other types of companies.

On the other hand, there are solutions for all types of industries, so the software can be applied to optimise production processes. In this case, more importance is given to areas such as inventory. It is no wonder that SAP Business One also has options in this area.

Lastly, there are SAP Business One solutions for the services sector. This is important, as it is the main driver of economic activity. Whatever the business sector, you will have your needs covered. It is worth taking this possibility into account.

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Why choose SAP Business One?

There are several reasons to incorporate ERP software into your company, and even more reasons to incorporate SAP Business One. Once we have set aside the numerous false myths, there are several advantages of having this tool in your company for daily management. Please take note of the main ones; this information will be of interest to you:

Reason no. 1: there is an ERP system for each type of company

This is a fundamental point, since not all companies have the same characteristics or needs. This is where SAP Business One makes the difference with respect to other ERP options.

For example, for companies that are fully focused on services, the CRM is the central module around which other matters revolve. Elsewhere, for companies that are dedicated to production, matters such as inventory or human resources are of greater importance. This means that you will have a specific solution for each type of company and that none will be left out. It does not matter if it is an agricultural, industrial, distribution or service company.

Size is also relevant. A SME usually needs fewer features than a large company. No problem: SAP Business One has several specific solutions. Limited basic licences, for example, can be used interchangeably by SMEs and self-employed workers.

Reason no. 2: you will reduce the need for labour

One of the advantages of using this ERP is that the need for labour will be reduced. Why? Cloud operations are automated, meaning you don't have to repeat them.

Moreover, despite often being overlooked, this tool overwrites all activated modules. For example, when you prepare an invoice, the information will also be recorded in the accounting module. This means you will not have to repeat the same operation several times.

Razón nº 2: reducirás la necesidad de factor trabajo

It should also be noted that this reduction in labour will serve to redirect resources towards activities that generate value. There are sometimes repetitive activities that do not contribute much and that, if automated, free up labour. Remember that, in the end, the goal is to direct your resources as efficiently as possible.

So, if you want to do more with less, this is a highly attractive option. Greater efficiency is essential in all companies, and this tool will help you achieve it.

Reason no. 3: work from anywhere thanks to the cloud

The classic format of working from a fixed location has been left behind for good. This means that you can enter the ERP system from anywhere.

Cloud technology offers more space and security, as individual access is password-controlled. This makes it much harder for phishing to occur. It is also important to note that you can use numerous devices, from desktop computers to laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

The cloud also allows you to work from any country. This is important because, in today's world, many companies have a global projection. Elsewhere, as many people now work remotely, this is a highly interesting option for improving the quality of life of workers.
As a result, you should consider this option. In fact, it will make a difference in everyday life.

Reason no. 4: you will reduce the percentage of human error

Human error is one of the most problematic factors in business management. This is logical, given the higher risk associated with manual operations.

What are you going to achieve in this case? Basically, thanks to the automation provided by an ERP system, the likelihood of committing errors is reduced. The software removes that subjective component that causes costly errors. And that, undoubtedly, will have a positive impact on your bottom line. In the end, reducing errors means being more efficient and competitive.

Implementing SAP Business One helps you and your employees to make fewer mistakes. Therefore, it is a good way to work better in everyday operations.

Razón nº 4: reducirás el porcentaje de error humano

Reason no. 5: you only purchase the modules you need

Growing companies find themselves at a crossroads: invest to grow, but not in a way that underutilises assets.

Faced with this situation, take advantage of the flexibility to only pay for the modules you need. Furthermore, SAP Business One implementation is simple, and, if you want to add more information, you can do so little by little. Say goodbye to having a multitude of unused features; as you grow, purchase the modalities you need. This is extremely attractive if you want to minimise risks.

In other words, you can purchase more features as you grow. An SME will need at fewer modules at first, opting instead to expand them later. And since the information is integrated, it will take less time.

Are you looking to optimise your investment? In this case, working with SAP Business One is the best way to do so.

Reason no. 6: fast implementation

We mentioned this before, but we should not overlook it: implementing SAP Business One is fast. Firstly, because the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Elsewhere, because we focus on the known features.

If implementation is conducted in parallel with worker training, in a few months it will be working at 100%. We estimate between 4 and 12 months for it to work at full performance; and this will help you to make the necessary assessments at any given time. This translates into a good way to improve your activity.

Indeed, this is one of the key reasons to have this software. Many features that can be adapted to different types of companies and are installed quickly.

It is true that not all companies will be able to implement SAP Business One at the same speed. In any case, thanks to the support service, you will be able to resolve any queries.

Razón nº 6: la implementación es rápida

Reason no. 7: you can open new market channels

Opening new market channels is one of the important reasons for having an ERP system. We have spoken about the ability to become more efficient, but we have not mentioned the new business channels that will become available.

Today, Big Data is king. This means that properly interpreting the information will help you to open up new business opportunities. For example, correctly using CRM will allow you to know the average ticket of your customers and their buying habits, meaning you can offer them products adapted to their preferences and increase sales.

This, in the long run, gives you what you need to go one step ahead. It is worth bearing this in mind when making the decision to purchase one ERP solution or another.

An ERP system becomes an essential element for any company that wants to be competitive. An ERP system makes it much easier to achieve what you set out to do.

In case you still have any questions about implementing SAP Business One...

SAP Business One implementation is much simpler than you might think. And, moreover, it is available to all types of companies. If we take into account the numerous benefits this software brings, from opening new market niches thanks to the commercial feature, to improving inventory management, reducing the use of labour, minimising human errors and improving production management, it is clear that this is an extremely useful option for any company.

Finally, remember that we are talking about a leading company in the ERP sector, both in terms of number of customers and trajectory and infrastructure. For this reason, we hope that the myths and reality behind implementing SAP Business One for SMEs are clear. What are you waiting for to sign up for? Get your SAP Business One solution! At SEIDOR One, we make the process easier for you, from start to finish. Contact us!


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