July 19, 2023

Features of SAP Business One for supplier management

Escucha el audiopost y descubre las características de SAP Business One para la gestión de proveedores

Características de SAP Business One para la gestión de proveedores


In this analysis we will talk about supplier management with SAP Business One. We'll explain the challenges faced by companies when it comes to managing their relationships with suppliers and how an ERP system helps to simplify all processes.

We present the main functions of SAP Business One for supplier management and briefly outline the need for the successful implementation of this software.

Optimising supplier management in business

Supplier management is a cornerstone for many companies. As you will know, it is not just about maintaining a good relationship with other companies, but about effectively managing everything down to the smallest details, like sales agreements, the quality of raw materials and much more.

We can safely say that supplier management is a real challenge, especially in the case of SMEs. Generally speaking, the challenges that businesses need to overcome in relation to suppliers are:

  • Selecting the most suitable suppliers. Choosing well is crucial. This area includes complex tasks like assessing supplier reputation or analysing their financial stability.
  • Risk management. This point is closely related to the previous one. Reliable suppliers reduce the likelihood of supply disruptions or breaches of contract. Even with a careful selection of suppliers, it is essential to manage and mitigate possible risks.
  • Strong relationships with suppliers. Another challenge is maintaining a good relationship with suppliers. This can be complicated for a number of reasons, such as geographical differences or conflicts of interest.
  • Supply chain management. This involves managing the receipt of materials, which includes delivery times, correct provision of service and maintaining good communication.

These four obstacles are common across all types of companies, no matter their size or market in which they operate. How do we overcome them?

The solution helping many businesses to implement efficient supplier management is ERP. We are talking about a business management software that unifies and centralises all the processes of an organisation.

With an ERP solution, the key aspects of supplier management, such as the supply change status, availability of raw materials and the commercial agreements reached, can be precisely controlled.


CASE STUDY: Bodegas Ruiz

With SAP Business One, they were able to address their new projects and effectively manage the relationship with their suppliers

SAP Business One is the leading ERP solution for supplier management

There are many ERP solutions on the market, but only SAP Business One is the undisputed leader. Chosen by thousands of companies around the world, this software allows for the comprehensive management of any procedure carried out within a company.

It has been designed with SMEs in mind with the ability to adapt to any business model. With a custom implementation of SAP Business One, this platform unifies, centralises and streamlines business processes, such as supplier management.

This ERP solution is the ally your company needs to enhance productivity and profitability. But what makes us say it is so effective? Let's look at four functionalities of SAP Business One that allow us to optimise supplier management.


By automating tasks, such as generating purchase orders, tracking orders and invoice reconciliation, we can reduce errors and response times. In addition, visibility of the supply chain is improved, facilitating fast and accurate decision-making.


Through the automation provided by SAP Business One, your company achieves exhaustive traceability of products, from their origin to their final delivery. This allows us to quickly identify any incident or problem in the supply chain, ensuring the quality and compliance with the established requirements.


Advanced agreement management

SAP Business One is a tool for efficiently managing offers, discounts, price reductions and special agreements with suppliers. In this way, your company streamlines the process of negotiating and managing agreements, ensuring transparency of the terms and conditions agreed. This improves profitability, reduces errors and simplifies communication with suppliers.

Returns circuit

SAP Business One provides complete tracking of returns, enabling quick identification of returned products, their status and the action required. This facilitates communication with suppliers, improves efficiency in the processing of returns and guarantees timely resolution.

Real-time reports and analysis

The final point we should highlight concerns data analytics. Reports based on relevant information generated in real time are essential.

With SAP Business One, you can access up-to-date data and generate detailed reports on supplier management. Plus, thanks to automation, your company always has an updated analysis to assess the performance of suppliers, identify trends and opportunities, and make informed decisions.

As the saying goes, information is power. SAP Business One gives your business the power to make the best decisions based on the most relevant and current data.

The supplier management your company needs with SEIDOR

There is no doubt that supplier management with SAP Business One is the tool your company needs. As we mentioned above, the key to harnessing its capabilities lies in the implementation of the software.

For this, having a reliable and experienced partner in the world of SAP is crucial. We at SEIDOR have decades of experience helping hundreds of companies to optimise their operations, be more productive and exponentially increase their profitability. Contact us now. We have the solution your business needs!


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