Gestión SAP Business One Proyectos

April 23, 2019

Manage your projects with SAP Business One

If your business operations include projects, it is helpful to have a project management software solution to control tasks, stages and phases that can be integrated into the rest of your business to improve the operation transparency and eliminate standalone systems.

SAP Business One is business management software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, including accounting, sales, CRM, inventory, purchasing, production, service, operations, and basic project management. These functional modules work together to automate business operations across all departments of your company.

The SAP Business One project management module lets you manage all projects from start to finish, centralising all transactions, documents, resources and activities in one place. The module helps to monitor the progress of tasks, stages and subprojects, analyse budget costs and generate reports on various project aspects, such as stage analysis, open issues and resources.

Project management features in SAP Business One

  • It combines financial and project management data in a single solution.
  • It centralises all transactions, documents, resources and activities related to the project in one place.
  • More complex projects can be divided into different 'subprojects' or 'stages' to represent, for example, a specific functional area.

Advantages of managing projects in SAP Business One

  • Monitor the progress of: tasks, stages and phases.
  • Manage projects more effectively from start to finish.
  • Enable project transparency by analysing budget, costs and reporting on various project aspects, such as stage analysis, open issues and resources.

Project management

All project information is centralised in the Project window. Documents can be assigned to a project according to a financial project code.

Overview tab: In the overview section, you can select the risk level, industry and add comments. It also includes a subproject overview.

Subproject tab: You can only access the subproject tab if you have marked the 'Project with subprojects' box. In this tab, you can assign subprojects to the project, i.e. you can create subprojects that are directly below the project in the hierarchy level.

Stages tab: This tab shows the tasks linked to each stage. Multiple tasks can be linked to a stage. You can create stage dependencies across different project levels, including subprojects. Each stage has a percentage of completeness. The percentage of completeness for all stages adds up to 100%.

Open issues, attachments, documents, work orders and activities can also be updated in this section.

Overview tab: See a summary of all project costs. It includes the following information: budget and invoiced amounts; accumulated budget; profit values, accumulated profit values; work order costs, and dates.

Remarks and Attachments: Add notes or attachments for your projects.

Billing Documentation Generation Wizard: The wizard allows you to recharge costs or invoice a project. It creates delivery notes or A/R invoices based on project data to streamline standard invoicing or partial invoicing.

Reports: Generate stage analysis, open issues and resource reports. A Gantt chart feature displays project tasks on a timeline.

Let SAP Business One and the project management module help your company get better financial reporting on projects and support you in managing project tasks, issues and activities. Please contact us if you are interested in an integrated business and project management solution to help you deliver your projects on time.


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