Gestión de ventas ¿Cómo tener una visión general de las ventas

January 28, 2022

Sales management How can you have an overview of sales?

Sales management is one of a company's most important areas. This is one of the strategic points that cannot be overlooked at any company and which we would like to discuss with you at SEIDOR. We do this as specialists in the development of ERP software as well as applications that use technology to implement the cohesion of a company's different departments.

What is sales management?

As we have said, sales management is a fundamental task for any company. It includes all the tasks aimed at boosting the sales of a business, as well as improving its organisation to make the most of it. Lastly, it can be said that it is the area responsible for managing relationships with potential customers when it comes to making purchases. It includes, for the same reason, several points that we could summarise as planning, execution and analysis of the entire process.

Prior aspects for synchronisation of sales management

First, we will start by discussing some of the aspects that need to be managed in order to bring sales in cohesion with the company's other departments. Although the sales function is the most important in a business (since, without sales, the business itself does not have a purpose), it needs to be fed with the work of the other departments that are in play at a company.

Sincronización ventas

1.- The relationship between sales and customer management

First, we should discuss the relationship between sales management and customer management. As could not be otherwise, we can set two levels in this point: current customers and potential customers. Registering customers can be of enormous help when managing the sales associated with them. In this case, this is regarding current customers with whom there is already a business relationship.

However, in the case of potential customers, it is customer management that can be of great help to us when it comes to closing a sale. To do this, e-commerce software can be used that directly feeds into an ERP system for companies the information collected on customers, as well as their status in relation to sales.

2.- Sales management and price management

Another essential aspect that needs to be taken into account to have an overview of sales management is price management. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for a company to set prices according to different criteria that may depend on the company's own timing, campaigns or the customer profile.

In this regard, to have an overview of sales management, the customer's characteristics should be taken very much into account. Therefore, it is very important in the overview of sales management to take into account aspects such as special offers for customers that can be included.

Gestion ventas y precios

3.- Sales and accounting

Another important point to be taken into account in sales management is accounting. If a sale is made, it must be removed from the inventory. Likewise, the sales department must, for the same reason, be in cohesion with the purchasing department in order to replace the goods that have been purchased.

In this regard, ERP for companies is once again an optimal tool. In the case of many of them, such as Seidor's, specific purchasing modules are included, which can be interconnected with the sales management module. Thus, all the processes are automated and orders can be implemented faster and simpler. With regard to accounting, this must be translated into an updated state of the company's sales.

In addition, in the case of companies that sell in different countries, the subject of taxation must be taken very much into account. ERP can help in this regard to connect sales with accounting and apply, in each case, the taxes and restrictions in each country.

4.- Real-time reporting

Another aspect that should be taken into account in the sales management overview is the use of reports generated in real time. First, strategic decisions have to be made that are related to improving sales management. For this reason, it is highly advisable to link an ERP system to specialist smart data management software and business management in general.

Thanks to this connection, it is possible to generate reports with which to analyse the current situation. One of the technologies related to these operations is the Internet of Things. This technology enables the different departments to be linked, as well as each element within them, to a central control comprised of the ERP system. This is precisely the way in which real time is introduced into the company and it is possible to make better decisions.

These tools would not only be used for sales management itself; beyond that, they would also be able to use them for forecasting. In fact, these are technologies that can establish sales forecasts with which it is possible to calculate the number of sales per customer and product, as well as by other aspects such as location.

In short, ERP technology can help to provide cohesion for the entire company for data management. Each of its departments can be linked and the flow and amount of information improved to enable better decision-making. The benefits of an ERP system include being able to be more competitive because of having a more complete information box.

We encourage you to try it for yourself and discover all the advantages that await you.

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