December 23, 2021

SEIDOR participates in a circular economy project that will help recycle up to 60% of plastic waste by 2030

22 December 2021 - SEIDOR, a technology consultancy specialising in technology services and solutions for large companies and SMEs, has announced its participation in the REPLAY project, promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency, which aims to recycle plastic waste from different sectors of industry in areas such as additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

The proposal, which has been approved in the framework of the Conecta Hubs call for proposals, and which has received an investment of €736,000, will allow up to 60% of plastic to be recycled per year by 2030. The initiative, launched by a consortium formed by the companies Utingal, Enso, Moveratus, Ecoplas and Seidor, aims to promote the first intelligent integrated solution for recycling polyamides derived from the industrial sector for new applications, based on new material formulations and advanced manufacturing processes optimised through the use of ICTs. The project aims to promote technological research with digital tools for products, processes, materials and services that reduce the environmental impacts of industry through the use of enabling technologies such as advanced materials, nanotechnologies and biotechnologies.

Within REPLAY, SEIDOR will develop a comprehensive, universal, measurable and usable software program, compatible with the management systems of the potential users of the initiative. Through this programme, SEIDOR promotes the optimisation of the use of raw materials and the objective oversight of processes based on the circular economy.

The director of SEIDOR in Galicia, Juan José Rivero, said that "SEIDOR is proud to contribute all our experience in social impact projects like this one, based on the possibilities offered by technology. Technology is an essential tool to develop procedures which are essential for the circular economy model like recycling".

The initial plan promoted by REPLAY will focus on recycling plastic by-products from the aeronautics industry, with the intention of eventually developing a comprehensive industrial process for recycling polyamides that can be exported in a simple and accessible way to any plastics industry. Once the project is completed, it will be extended to the private sector and areas of public interest, promoting digital transformation and access to digital technologies.

With various projects in communities around Spain and throughout the world, SEIDOR continues to get involved in local and international projects that combine technological innovation with responsible social impacts.

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