March 22, 2024

SEIDOR strengthens its commitment to innovation by obtaining AWS IoT certification

  • The Spanish technology consulting firm SEIDOR obtains certification from AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).
  • With a team of 45 consultants certified in AWS, as well as a base of 35 clients in the IoT field, SEIDOR strengthens the adoption and application of the latest cloud technologies.
  • The certification validates SEIDOR's team knowledge and experience, as well as its ability to offer cutting-edge solutions to its clients within the AWS ecosystem.

April 24, 2024 - SEIDOR, a technology consulting firm specialized in services and solutions, has obtained the Internet of Things (IoT) Competency certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS), reinforcing its commitment to innovation. This certification validates the capacity and experience of SEIDOR's team in cutting-edge solutions for its clients and the trust placed by its technological partners, such as AWS.

With a team of over 45 highly specialized professionals in IoT and a client base exceeding 35 in this field, SEIDOR has a long track record in key areas such as mobility/Internet of Things, consumer experience, and workspace management. Thus, the company has developed and implemented advanced solutions to meet the needs of various industries, with a focus on sectors such as agriculture, industry, and healthcare.

AWS IoT solutions provide SEIDOR with the necessary infrastructure to securely connect IoT devices to the AWS cloud, facilitating efficient data collection and management. In addition to key features such as secure connectivity, scalable messaging, and efficient device management, AWS IoT also brings new functionalities and tools that enhance SEIDOR's capabilities in developing advanced IoT solutions.

Carlos Polo, Director of Edge Technologies at SEIDOR, has emphasized the importance of this certification, highlighting that "it recognizes our trajectory in the field of innovation and, in particular, in the IoT field by AWS, reflecting our continuous commitment to the development of advanced solutions that drive the growth of our clients through technology."

Comprehensive Portfolio and Expertise

SEIDOR has a specialized unit dedicated to developing IoT solutions, which directly impact the improvement of its clients' business objectives.

Thus, sensors, equipment, cameras, or wearables, supported by data analysis and artificial intelligence, facilitate the approach to solutions for any industrial, agricultural, service, or healthcare sector.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting SEIDOR's differential value lies in having a specialized team with various certifications, providing unique expertise in different areas and offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet clients' needs comprehensively and effectively. With an end-to-end approach, SEIDOR guides and accompanies its clients throughout the secure cloud adoption process, offering professional cloud security services and risk management solutions that ensure the protection of their digital assets.

An opportunity for innovation

Any sector of activity is susceptible to relying on new strategies and business models based on IoT solutions. The connectivity of equipment and systems allows access to large amounts of data which, through IoT solutions, can be transformed into high-value information for companies.

Therefore, with this certification, SEIDOR strengthens its position as a strategic partner for companies in all sectors in their digital transformation, through the adoption of advanced IoT solutions that enhance their competitiveness.

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