March 30, 2023

Business management software implementation process for SMEs

Escucha el audiopost y descubre el proceso de implantación de software de gestión empresarial para PYMES

Proceso de implantación de software de gestión empresarial para PYMES


In this guide we are going to explain the business management software implementation process for SMEs. This will give you a better understanding of the implementation stages of an ERP system when you deploy this type of tool inside a company. We will highlight several important points throughout the discussion, such as the importance of having a reliable technology partner or the importance of setting goals and identifying needs.

Do you think the time has come to begin implementation of business management software? ERP will be the key to launching your SME to the next level in aspects such as productivity or profitability. Find out what steps to take to implement a secure and efficient management platform.

The importance of the technology partner in the business management software implementation process

ERP systems, such as SAP Business One, have become versatile tools adaptable to any company. From the moment they begin operating, they provide substantial benefits, including increased cross-departmental collaboration, elimination of duplicated tasks or reduction of errors.

As if that weren't enough, ERP systems are designed to be user-friendly. So they are not difficult to handle either. Undoubtedly, the most complex aspect of this kind of software is the implementation process at the company. Who should oversee the process?

Certainly, you will agree with us that reliable partners for your business are indispensable. The same applies to the technology partner who will be responsible for implementing business management software. This partner must be able to advise and guide your SME until the ERP system is fully in place. It is essential to find a reliable SAP supplier.

For decades, SEIDOR has been helping companies improve their efficiency and productivity with powerful platforms such as SAP Business One. We do not consider ourselves a marketing agent for applications. Rather, we are a trustworthy partner in the process that will lead your SME to success.



It placed its trust in SEIDOR and SAP Business One to make a qualitative leap in its project of expansion

How does the business software implementation process in SMEs work?

When it comes to integrating ERP into an SME, we identify four main stages. Below, we explain all the details of each one so that you can get to know in depth the process of implementing business management software within an organisation.

Identification of needs and objectives

The business management software implementation process requires prior planning and a detailed analysis of the company's needs and objectives. It is not just a matter of choosing an IT tool, but of adapting it to the reality and expectations of each organisation.

To do this, and as we said earlier, it is essential to have the support of a technological partner that can guide the company in this process of analysis, identification and definition of needs and objectives. For example, at SEIDOR, we have specialists who know the market, the available solutions and the best practices for implementing business management software.

In the early stages, the technology partner helps the company as follows:

  • It conducts a diagnosis of the current situation and detects areas for improvement and business opportunities.
  • It establishes the objectives to be achieved with the business management software in the short and long term.
  • It defines the functional and technical requirements to be met by the business management software, as well as the performance indicators to measure its impact.

Selecting the business management software

Selecting the right business management software for the company is a strategic decision that can determine the success or failure of the company. Business management software is a tool that integrates and optimises all processes and resources of an SME. So it's very important to choose well.

SAP Business One is the leading business management software for SMEs. SAP Business One is a solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises that provides a complete and real-time overview of the company's situation.

Planning and implementation

The implementation of business management software is the most complex and time-consuming part. The implementation plan must be meticulous and provide for items such as project objectives, requirements, resources, timelines, responsibilities and risks. All the aspects defined in advance.

Again, in order to prepare and execute the implementation plan, it is essential to have a reliable partner to guide the SME in this process, ensuring quality and efficiency in the implementation of the software. Successful implementation will depend on this partnership.

Training and support

Finally, we mentioned another key pillar of the project's success: training and support during and after implementation of the business management software. Teaching employees how to use the ERP system is a must if you want to ensure the correct use and maintenance of the platform, as well as to resolve any possible incidents or questions that may arise.

A reliable technology partner needs to offer training and support to the company while adapting to its needs and preferences. Training, on the other hand, must be personalised and practical for the company's staff, both in the pre- and post-implementation phases.

The technology partner is also expected to provide technical and functional support to the business management software, guaranteeing its optimum operation and updating.

Business management software implementation: a very simple process

In short, in this article we went over the steps to implement a tool such as SAP Business One:

  • Identification of needs and objectives
  • Selecting the software
  • Planning and implementation
  • Training and support

However, it is clear that the key is to have a highly qualified technological partner that supports your company throughout the process and provides the necessary maintenance afterwards. SEIDOR's team of experts is waiting for you. Contact us now so that we can advise you and set up your project without losing a second.


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