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April 12, 2024

SEIDOR launches 'Trust Career' to connect companies and talent through AI and Blockchain

  • The platform operates with European digital identity standards and eIDAS2, providing users with complete control over their digital identity and compliance with trust requirements in electronic transactions in the EU.
  • SEIDOR's Trust Career employs artificial intelligence and blockchain-verified digital credentials to streamline job search, candidate selection, and exchange of qualifications and other credentials.
  • The new tool is being introduced at the Edtech Congress Barcelona, an annual event dedicated to digital innovation in the relationship between the labor market and academia.

Barcelona, April 12, 2024 - SEIDOR, a consulting firm specialized in technology services and solutions, has introduced Trust Career, a new platform for talent search and professional opportunities driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and verifiable credentials through blockchain technology.

The tool integrates universities, students, professionals, and employers into a single ecosystem, based on the new European standards for self-sovereign digital identity (SSI) and eIDAS2, aimed at ensuring verifiable credentials and strengthening trust in cross-border electronic transactions within the European Union (EU).

SEIDOR unveiled Trust Career at the Edtech Congress Barcelona, an annual event that brings together experts in educational technology. During the presentation, Baptista Borrell, Director of Education at SEIDOR, stated that "Trust Career provides a tool for academic entities and companies to issue credentials very simply, within the new framework of European digital identity, with the aim of increasing people's employability."

Trust Career's artificial intelligence engine offers better options than other existing alternatives in the market, enabling corporations to find talent and candidates to identify professional opportunities more effectively. It optimizes selection processes and increases the chances of success in the positions offered. In this sense, Trust Career addresses the challenges associated with talent assessment, providing a more precise and efficient selection among a large number of applications.

Trust Career

Authenticity and cryptographic protection

In addition to simplifying and speeding up selection processes, Trust Career also increases the transparency and reliability of the information provided by the candidates themselves, within a context of privacy and complete sovereignty over their personal data and credentials.

Thus, the platform facilitates the creation of an updated and reliable Digital Curriculum Vitae, backed by SSI and the use of verifiable credentials through blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity and cryptographic protection of academic and professional information.

Its adaptation to the European regulatory framework ensures compliance with the new standards of the European Commission regarding digital citizen identity, privacy, and secure and verifiable information exchange. From a strategic perspective, Trust Career's technological approach meets these European requirements by focusing on the storage, transparency, and protection of credentials through a digital wallet.

Baptista Borrell has stated that "Trust Career provides seamless integration with academic management systems, prioritizing user convenience and privacy" and has also highlighted that "with its focus on candidate validation and the construction of reliable professional careers, Trust Career paves the way for a more fair and efficient future job market."

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